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Pytorch reduce memory usage

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TensorFlow2 GooFit: Use -- gpu -device=0 to set a device to use; PyTorch : Use gpu :0 to pick a GPU (multi- gpu is odd because you still ask for GPU 0) TensorFlow: This one just deserves a.

While going out of memory may necessitate reducing batch size, one can do certain check to ensure that usage of memory is optimal. While PyTorch aggressively frees up memory, a pytorch process may not give back the memory back to the OS even after you del your tensors.

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A PyTorch program enables Large Model Support by calling torch.cuda.set_enabled_lms (True) prior to model creation. In addition, a pair of tunables is provided to control how GPU memory used for tensors is managed under LMS. torch.cuda.set_limit_lms (limit) Defines the soft limit in bytes on GPU memory allocated for tensors (default: 0).

t = tensor.rand (2,2).cuda () However, this first creates CPU tensor, and THEN transfers it to GPU this is really slow. Instead, create the tensor directly on the device you.

The memory usage during the training of TensorFlow (1.7 GB of RAM) was significantly lower than PyTorch's memory usage (3.5 GB RAM). However, both models had a little variance in memory usage during training and higher memory usage during the initial loading of the data: 4.8 GB for TensorFlow vs. 5 GB for PyTorch. 4.) Ease of Use.

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